OMG Machines Review

OMG Machines ReviewsOMG Machines is the video ebook released by Greg Morrison and Mike Long.  This time, OMG doesn’t stand for Oh My God… it stands for One Man Gang… the nickname Mike gave Greg after seeing how much he gets done without the help of a large staff.

Here’s the story… Greg Morrison was a student of Mike’s in Bring the Fresh, a membership site created by Mike Long and Kelly Felix to teach people how to make money online through search engine optimization and affiliate marketing.

Mike Long heard about the money Greg was earning because Greg has always been extremely active on the BTF forum, helping anyone and everyone by openly teaching his way of implementing the Bring the Fresh strategies.

On a personal note, I spoke with Greg Morrison on that forum even before he released OMG Machines and I can say first hand, he was helpful and encouraging.  If you want to see that short conversation click here.


A Quick Disclaimer

As you probably know, if you buy OMG Machines through a link on this website I will most likely make an affiliate commission.  However, the goal of this OMG Machines review is to uncover all that’s good and all that’s not so good about this product so you can make an educated decision to buy or to pass.  Frankly, I would rather have you pass and decide this is not for you than to buy this product only to find out later that it’s not what you were looking for.  I want to save you that time.

So, read this review carefully and pay especially close attention to the Things I DON’T Like About OMG Machines.  If you find that you cannot get over any or all of the negatives, please do us both a favor and don’t buy the vbook.  It has helped me in my business (and as you’ll learn, has helped me make some money, too) but maybe that’s because I was in the right stage of development or maybe it was the exact message I needed to hear at exactly the right time.

This may not be the case for you and that’s ok.  If you don’t think it will help you and your business move forward, don’t sweat it… OMG Machines will not be for everyone.

Let’s move on.


What is OMG Machines All About?

The goal of this vbook is to teach you how to build small websites and to get those websites ranked on page one of Google very quickly, supposedly about 30 days or less.  Greg Morrison did just that for business clients of his and in return was paid over $1.5 Million Dollars in just over one year.

In addition, this is radically different than approaching prospective clients and promising to get their websites on the first page of Google.  OMG Machines will teach you to first rank websites, building an asset that you can dangle in front of prospects like a carrot, making closing new clients much easier because you have taken away all the risk.


What’s Included Inside the $49 Video E-Book?

In the heart of the ebook are the over-the-shoulder videos where you can watch Greg Morrison as he builds a brand new website ( and then works on getting it to number one in Google for his targeted keyword.  In this case, that keyword is obviously Baton Rouge Architects.

As an aside, it’s a good sign that you actually see this website at the top of Google when you search for Baton Rouge Architects.  Greg did mention that he is leaving himself open to penalties or loss of ranking by openly showing the world what he is doing.  It’s still nice to see that he can deliver on what he promises, top search engine rankings.

Personally, I was not satisfied with only seeing that one site at the top of the results so I searched for all of the sites Greg mentioned in the vbook.  You’ll be happy to know that ALL of them were on the first page of Google for their targeted keywords.  Good news.

Now back to what you’ll find inside…


The following video titles are exactly the same as inside the vbook but the descriptions, I made those up in my own words.

Over the Shoulder Video #1: Getting Started

6 minutes 58 seconds long

Adding the first piece of content

Adding free images

Over the Shoulder Video #2: The 2nd Article

6 minutes 8 seconds long

Setting up your content to be irresistible to Google

Exact wording Greg uses in a free WordPress SEO Plugin

Over the Shoulder Video #3: Intra Site Linking

7 minutes 17 seconds long

Adding the 3rd Article

Linking between sites on your website and why that’s important

Working with keyword variations

Over the Shoulder Video #4: Update, Anchor Text

3 minutes 56 seconds long

Here Greg makes a small, on-page site update

Over the Shoulder Video #5: UAW

21 minutes 26 seconds long

UAW stands for Unique Article Wizard, a tool that Greg uses to get other sites to link to his.  I am an affiliate of Unique Article Wizard… if you’d like to see me use and review this product extensively, visit (link will open in new window)

Exactly how to set up your UAW submissions for maximum effect

Exact resource boxes you can use to save time and point links to the right places

Other ways you can use UAW as a link buidling tool

Over the Shoulder Video #6: SYA Submissions

24 minutes 30 seconds long

SYA stands for Submit Your Article, another article marketing, link building tool that Greg uses to get outside sites linking to his.

I have never personally used SYA but Greg seems to swear by it.  From what I understand, it’s very similar to Unique Article Wizard but distributes your content to different websites so you get even more link diversity.  The only downside I can see is that SYA builds the same type of links as UAW but Greg’s success speaks for itself, how can I argue with that?

Over the Shoulder Video #7: Fine Tuning

7 minutes 21 seconds long

Adding the 4th piece of content to

Tweaking existing content

Over the Shoulder Video #8: Article Mastery

6 minutes 28 seconds long

Reviewing article additions

Greg talks briefly about keyword density and anchor text diversity

Over the Shoulder Video #9: Social Monkee

13 minutes 40 seconds long

I have never used Social Monkee but again, Greg seems to like it.  I personally use Social ADR, a similar tool, and since I have always had success with I decided not to switch over to Social Monkee.

Over the Shoulder Video #10: On Page Content, Links

13 minutes 55 seconds long

With major recent algorithmic updates, Google makes on-page a bigger and bigger factor in search engine rankings.

Greg adds another free plugin to help his website load faster… load speed matters to Google.

Over the Shoulder Video #11: Adding Video

13 minutes 28 seconds long

Greg teaches you how to add videos that you don’t even create in order to add value to the website visitor and give Google more of what it loves, multimedia content.

Over the Shoulder Video #12: Overdrive

17 minutes 34 seconds long

Anchor text

Using SEO Moz and to “spy” on your own site… and on the competition

OTS #13, Overdrive 2: The Most Powerful Penguin Links

45 minutes 8 seconds long

Greg wanted to be number one in Google when this product was released because it would offer greater social proof (as we discussed earlier). Unfortunately, it was at the bottom of the first page after a few weeks of working on the site. Knowing the number one spot would be most impressive because it gets about 50% of all the clicks of any given search, Greg had to do something drastic. Even though it was ahead of his recommended schedule, Greg did something drastic that shot the site up to number one in a few days. That’s what this video is about.

Over the Shoulder Video #14: Rankings Update

13 minutes 51 seconds long

In this video Greg shows you the results of the drastic measures he took a few days earlier

Over the Shoulder Video #15: Rankings Update 2

10 minutes 14 seconds long

In this video Greg shows you more results, other keywords he was able to rank for and how he was able to beat out his local competitors

Bonus – Mike Long’s Speedy & Painless Graphics Design Money Getting Makeover

Part 1: 26 minutes 44 seconds long

Part 2: 18 minutes 41 seconds long

I haven’t gone through these videos yet but I’m pretty sure Mike Long teaches you how to use a tool called Snagit to create good looking graphics for your websites.

1st Unannounced Bonus Video: Keyword Understanding Videos

This is actually just one video that is 20 minutes 56 seconds long.

The first question that came to mind when working through the vbook was “How do I know if a site/keyword is worth going after?”  I then sent a private message to Greg Morrison inside the Bring the Fresh forum asking just that.  He replied specifically that he likes to see a keyword having at least 36 exact match searches before moving forward.  He also said that since there were many people asking the same question he would be releasing a bonus video (this video is that bonus).  However, that question was not really answered in this video.  This video specifically teaches you how to come up with different but similar key phrases to target and how you can pick up a ton of extra free traffic without doing an extra work at all.

So, the goal of this video is to generate dozens of additional keywords to target once you’ve already chosen your primary keyword.  It is not meant to teach you how to chose a niche or which primary keywords to target.  Hope that makes sense.

 Upcoming Bonus Video that Greg is Currently Creating (at the time of this writing)

The site in the main vbook is basically being built with the intention of attracting a local client, in this case an Architect in Baton Rouge.  The upcoming bonus video will be the same over the shoulder style video of Greg building an affiliate site with the intention of selling a specific product as an affiliate.

So, the first video taught about making money with SEO and local clients… the next video (or set of videos… I’m not sure how he will set it up) will teach how to make money with SEO and selling products as an affiliate partner.

Besides local business and affiliate sites, the only other type of site that Greg mentions is a large authority site that he will only be teaching to private coaching students at a much higher price tag.

Things I DON’T Like About OMG Machines

Lack of Money-Getting How-To Information – It is clear that Greg made the majority of his $1 Plus Million Dollars from one client but how can we do the same?  Expect to learn how to rank “OMG Machines” on the first page of Google and have something of value to offer prospective clients (which is a huge head start, by the way) but copying Greg Morrison exactly and making the same money that he did in a short period of time… frankly, that’s just not likely.

I did not take the $99 upsell and I decided against the $2400 private coaching group so I can’t tell you if client-getting and building a business is taught there.  This negative applies to the vbook only.

Greg does say to focus on building multiple OMG Machines in one niche as opposed to building single sites in many different niches, searching for the most lucrative one.  However, following this vbook exactly and working your tail off like Greg did over the past year will only get you a bunch of page one ranked websites (not terrible).  Turning those sites into cash is for the most part, left for you to figure out on your own.


More on Money Getting: Numbers Just Don’t Add Up – In the vbook, Greg Morrison says that he sold his sites to clients for anywhere between $5,000 and $7,000 and then charged them monthly for continued search engine optimization work.  For the sake of this discussion, let’s guess that he charged clients an average of $500 per month or $6,000 per year for the ongoing SEO part.

So, for each site that he built and successfully sold, he brought in about $11,000 per year per site.  In order to clear $1 million, if these numbers are accurate, he had to sell 1,000,000 divided by 11,000, or 91 websites.

Don’t misunderstand me here.  I’m not suggested that Greg Morrison did not, in fact, make over $1 million in a one year span.  What I am suggesting is that this is extremely rare.  Even if you did exactly what Greg tells you to do in his private coaching group, I’m not sure you would be able to duplicate his success.

Can you make $100,000 per year following Greg’s method?  I think the answer to that is yes for just about anyone.  You would only need about 10 clients using our numbers from above to pass that mark.  Not so bad…


No Forum Yet – If you want support and extra hand holding, or just have a specific question about the vbook content, the best way to get help is to talk to Greg Morrison in the Bring the Fresh forum.  If you are not a Bring the Fresh’er I guess you are out of luck.  They do provide a support email address but when I wanted help because I did not receive a recent vbook update, I had to contact Greg directly through the forum because no one responded to my email after 24 hours.  In my opinion, the forum of Bring the Fresh is worth more than the $37 price tag.


Lack of Easy-to-Follow Content Publishing Schedule – Some people have complained that Greg has not provided an exact schedule to follow when building and ranking your OMG sites.  I never thought of this until seeing these posts in the BTF forum.  When I worked through this vbook the first and second time, I simply paused the video when Greg put his text document schedule up and took notes in my own notepad document.

If you buy OMG Machines and start working on the vbook, you will see what I mean.  Be ready to take notes when Greg talks about what to do during each week after registering a new domain name.  As the person towards the bottom of the forum thread said, the order and schedule with which you do things may be some insider information into how to do SEO so Google trusts you.


The OMG method relies on getting offline clients and helping them with their websites and traffic.  You may not want to go that route so in that case you will need to question if OMG Machines is for you.  Greg will be adding a section about building affiliate websites where you won’t need to get any clients but this is not what this vbook is all about.  After all, Greg didn’t make a million dollars with affiliate sites… he made it serving offline businesses and that’s what this is all about.  (It’s important to note that Mike Long, who has infinitely more experience in affiliate marketing, will be helping Greg with the affiliate training.)


Things I Like About OMG Machines

The Price – $49 for 15+ easy to follow videos?  Yes, some of the videos are short but still, that’s pretty good value for a low price tag.


Proof in Theory – Greg Morrison is actually practicing what he preaches.  To put it better, Greg Morrison has had tremendous success and only then decided to teach others how he did it.


SEO Straight From the Horse’s Mouth – Greg claims to have a “friend” on the inside of Google that gives him pointers as to what is working now in search engine optimization.  He will not tell us which strategies came from this “friend” but he says that we may be able to guess which ones they are.


He tells the story of being introduced to this person through his biggest client – the same client responsible for the majority of Greg’s recent million dollar windfall – making the story more credible.


What Others Are Saying About OMG Machines

OMG Machines

RuthH created a new thread inside the Bring the Fresh forum to share her excitement after getting her website up to the number 2 position in Google after 10 days using the OMG Machines method.

UAW stands for Unique Article Wizard.  Greg Morrison uses UAW in his business to implement Mike Long’s SEO strategy called 1 Article to Rule Them All, a way of using one article to get hundreds of backlinks and move your website up in the search engines results.


OMG Machines Review

Alison was talking about a recent update released by Google, which happens a few times a year, so I did not think it was necessary to include the entire post.  Plus, I’m not sure how many of these I can legally take from the Bring the Fresh forum without getting into trouble.

Anyway, she is saying that local SEO the way Greg teaches was not affected by the recent algorithm update.


OMG Machines Proof

This screenshot was also taken from the Bring the Fresh forum and shows what another user thinks of melovemoney, Greg Morrison.


OMG Machines Bonus

If you buy OMG Machines through my affiliate link - click here - I want to add value to your purchase.

On-page SEO is super important these days and many ”over-optimized” sites have been penalized by the recent Google updates.  Even if they were not blatantly penalized, improper on-page SEO can make this a much tougher process than it needs to be.  I don’t want this to happen to you when you build your first OMG Machine.  Send me your receipt number from Clickbank and once I verify that you did purchase through me, I will run your website through SEO Moz Pro.

This software will then check your website for over-optimization and keyword density and make suggestions that you can implement right away.  Greg does mention using SEO Moz Pro in his own business (as well as but the basic cost of the software is $99 per month, making it inaccessible to most OMG’ers.

I will also give you my personal email address as I am committed to helping you succeed with this vbook and your SEO business.

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